Members to benefit from increased collaboration enabled by leading technology network-wide.

Sydney, Australia, March 10, 2016.  WiseTech Global, the technology development company behind the industry-leading global supply chain solution CargoWise One, has announced that 5-Star Logistics Network (5-SLN) has joined the WiseIndustry Partner program. The partnership provides 5-SLN members greater access to the industry’s leading software solution, enabling stronger and faster connections across the network.

5-SLN takes a unique approach to endorsing new members in its global freight forwarding network, making the highest possible standard of performance mandatory in order to continue membership beyond the first year. As a result, 5-SLN Founder and CEO, Trevor Titley sees network members working more closely with each other than in traditional networks.

Titley explains the role that industry-leading technology plays in achieving this tight-knit collaboration and member success. “5-SLN offers the most sophisticated and advanced technologies to our members,” he says, “so we encourage them to use the CargoWise One system, which is by far the best platform available, not only for 5-SLN members’ own local use, but for data-sharing with other members using the CargoWise One platform.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, GM of Marketing and Partner Management with WiseTech Global, remarks, “A group of forwarders working together with separate and often incompatible software systems can lead to unnecessary complications, no matter how effective the independent agents are. CargoWise One is the proven solution for Networks like 5-SLN, as it enables network members to improve communication, efficiency, and transparency, bringing productivity gains network-wide.”

Media Contact: Lisa Rollason,