Milton Keynes, UK, April 4, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), reports IFLN Network, a worldwide network of independent freight forwarders, is already benefitting from the global partnership announced in December 2012.

Founded in 2000, the IFLN Network's members consist of more than 200 specialist freight companies in 85 countries, with consolidated sales revenue of $4.5 billion per annum. IFLN President Michel Vanlerberghe points out that communications is one of the most significant strategic challenges facing network members, and said the partnership with CargoWise is boosting productivity by making communications within the network more direct and efficient.

“One reason that we have seen a 15 percent increase of memberships this year is because there is a need in the transport and logistics sector to solidify partnerships and be part of a strong network,” says Vanlerberghe. “We look at the partnership with CargoWise as an important step for our members to facilitate communication between them and create the possibility to increase business.”

According to Vanlerberghe IFLN Network members have responded enthusiastically to the partnership and are actively evaluating how CargoWise’s ediEnterprise can enhance their operations and facilitate communications within their operations.

“Because the ediEnterprise software suite functions across all types of freight forwarding services, and combines sales, marketing, financial and organizational data within a single database, it will assist our members to share information within their own companies and across the entire IFLN Network,” says Vanlerberghe. “The sophistication and comprehensive nature of the ediEnterprise platform will ultimately enable members to compete more effectively with the big, multinational forwarders.”

Volodya Bilanovsky, Vice President Partner Management for CargoWise, says there has been strong interest in ediEnterprise software from network members as a result of the partnership with IFLN, which reflects the very real benefits that such partnerships bring to independent logistics providers networks.

“It is wonderful to see the way IFLN members have embraced the opportunities provided through this new partnership,” Bilanovsky says. “It’s a clear demonstration of the way in which independent freight networks provide their members with access to technology and services which will ultimately boost not only the individual members’ growth, but the strength and value of the entire network.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,