Technology Alliances

WiseTech Global works with innovative technology companies to deliver a deeply integrated solution designed for the global logistics marketplace. Our ongoing relationships with many of the world's best I.T. solution providers, coupled with our proven industry knowledge and hands-on skills, allow us to deliver stable, reliable solutions for industry requirements.


1-Stop is an information and communications technology services company that provides a state of the art messaging hub to enable the timely flow of electronic messages between all participants in the Australian freight and logistics industry and associated regulatory bodies. 1-Stop simplifies the sea freight messaging process by providing container and vessel movement visibility, messaging translation services and innovative electronic alternatives to existing paper based processes. In addition, 1-Stop offers a community on-line payment facility designed to simplify and streamline industry transactions providing for the quicker release of delivery orders, immediate payment of storage at the wharf and integrated payment solutions.

Air Cargo Inc

Originally printed in 1941 for use by the Airlines, the Air Cargo Freight Directory is an indispensable tool for Air Freight, Air Cargo and Freight Forwarders alike. ACI is committed to building upon and expanding the former success of the Air Freight Directory by providing information, service and value around the world.


CCN is a leading Cargo Community System, specializing in the transfer of electronic data between freight forwarders, airlines and ground handlers. With offices in 10 countries across Asia Pacific, CCN have industry specialists on hand with local knowledge and understanding to work closely with strategic partners such as EDI and their customers. Since 1992, CCN has been providing electronic message translation and routing services to help facilitate a more efficient air cargo process. CCN provide connections to numerous airlines, ground handlers and customs authorities, allowing forwarder systems to facilitate their communications needs with a single connection. CCN are Strategic Partner of the IATA StB program, which includes the IATA eFreight program, aimed at significantly reducing paper in the air cargo industry.


Operated by British Telecom (BT), CCS-UK provides a secure, hosted service to enable a free flow of data between freight agents, airlines and UK Customs to speed clearance times at UK airports. The resulting automated clearance process can reduce paperwork, speed up both export and import processes, and enable your organisation to meet the service commitments pledged to your customers.

CCS-UK is one of only six Community System Providers authorized to connect to, and exchange messages with, the HM Revenue and Customs electronic declaration processing system, Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF). CHIEF documents all UK imports and exports, issues invoices for duties and taxes where appropriate, and can grant immediate clearance where customs declarations correspond to inventories held by CSPs. CHIEF may also select shipments for inspection and validation. CHIEF, CCS-UK and your organisation communicate in real time – updating information promptly and helping your shipments proceed through UK Customs import and export procedures.


Formed in 1986, Community Network Services (CNS) provides services to businesses in the air and maritime logistics industries which facilitates trade moving through UK frontiers. As a Community Systems Provider (CSP), CNS connects shipping lines, ports, freight forwarders and hauliers with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the ability to achieve customs clearance.

Easipass (E&P International)

E&P International Inc. is authorized by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to operate Shanghai E-port platform and Shanghai Port EDI Center platform. Shanghai’s E-port system - China’s largest local port information platform, boasts a wide business scope, broad market and rich customer resources as well as strong technical and management teams. It unifies government supervision of the ports, logistics information and e-commerce, in the four aspects of trade, supervision, logistics, payment.

Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air Corporation is a leading provider of time-definite surface transportation and related logistics services to the North American deferred air freight market. We provide scheduled surface transportation of cargo as a cost effective, reliable alternative to air transportation. We transport deferred air freight that must be delivered at a specific time, but is less time-sensitive than traditional air freight. We have a network of 81 terminals located on or near airports in the United States and Canada, including a central sorting facility in Columbus, Ohio and eight regional hubs serving key markets. We utilize a flexible source of capacity made up of owner-operators and, to a lesser extent, other surface transportation providers, which results in a largely variable cost operating model with low capital requirements.


FreightSafe is a professional 3rd party claims administrator that has been servicing the freight industry for over 17 years. The company’s commitment to building on its long standing relationships with its customers and partners has ensured that the FreightSafe Warranty has made a lasting, positive impression on the freight landscape in all areas that FreightSafe operates.

INTTRA by E2open

INTTRA by E2open is the largest neutral digital network and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. The company’s innovative products, combined with the scale of its network, empowers customers to trade with multiple parties and leverage information to improve their businesses. INTTRA streamlines the ocean trade process by connecting more than 35,000 shippers across 177 countries with 60 leading carriers and 150 software alliance partners. More than 850,000 container orders per week are initiated on the INTTRA platform, representing over one quarter of global ocean container trade.

Maritime Cargo Processing

Maritime Cargo Processing plc is the UK's leading port community systems specialist, working in close partnership with port and terminal operators, shipping lines, shipping and forwarding agents and hauliers, as well as Customs and other Government agencies, to improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs involved in the trading and transportation of cargo through ports.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. WiseTech Global has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002, and achieved the Independent Software Vendor Competency level in 2005. Being a Certified Partner provides many benefits, including software licensing, product support and marketing resources. Since all of the applications offered by WiseTech Global are based on the Microsoft platform, it is essential for the company to maintain its Certified Partner status to ensure support during critical implementation phases.


Portbase connects all parties in the logistics chains of Dutch ports. Through its Port Community System, Portbase facilitates the exchange of data between companies and government authorities in order to allow everyone to work faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. Together with our growing community, we are continually adding value to this data sharing. Our goal: to make the Dutch port community, and thereby the ports themselves, the smartest in Europe. Portbase is a neutral, non profit organisation operating from within and for the port community.

Portrix Logistic Software GmbH

Portrix Logistics Software GmbH (PLS) is a Hamburg-based IT Solutions provider founded in 2001 and is part of the Portrix Group.

PLS has for the last 17 years delivered best in class IT Solutions to the logistics industry and is known for our solid approach, deep industry knowledge and as an organization that delivers results.

PLS has partnered with WiseTech for electronic submissions of VGM messages and PLS is today connected to more than 60 carriers, serving some of the largest forwarders in the world.


Railinc RailSight&trade is the only comprehensive, single-source rail shipment and equipment management data provider available in the industry today. RailSight's powerful engine delivers an unmatched breadth and depth of rail data in real time. That's why leading transportation management software providers, logistics companies and many of the largest rail equipment owners depend on RailSight for mission-critical shipment and fleet management decisions.