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People Who Move the World: Navia Logistics

Navia Logistics attributes its success to its customers and employees, and this emphasis on stakeholders has enabled the company to grow from a small, two-person operation to running four warehouses across three cities.

The directors of the Melbourne-based logistics company knew something had to change when they noticed staff were beginning to buckle under workload pressure.

“We had staff that would be working very long hours, constantly feeling like they were drowning, with the weight of the world on their shoulders,” says Brendan Borg, Navia’s Chief Information Officer.

“We had loads of staff stressed, and some on the verge of leaving.”

Long hours and stress aren’t uncommon for employees of companies that attract new business faster than they can complete existing work. For Navia, this problem was compounded by the bulk of its work relying on laborious manual processes.

“When a person was away, we’d have to cover that person without really knowing what might be on,” adds Neota Green-McNiff, a member of Navia’s Client Services team. 

“We’d either have to go up and get the files, or go up and sit in their chair physically, to actually be that person. So one of the main difficulties was covering that before we had everything in the system, back when it was all paper.”

Navia could’ve hired extra help to meet the increasing demand of its growing customer base, but there was no guarantee that new team members wouldn’t end up in the same situation as existing staff: overworked, stressed and discouraged. Instead, the company looked for other options, and when Borg learned about CargoWise One’s Productivity Acceleration & Visualization Engine (PAVE), he went straight to the top to get it implemented.

“I was just so blown away at the possibility of what could be achieved within the system,” says Borg.

“I called our CEO, Simon, and said ‘You’re going to have to trust me. We’re doing this, and it’s going to work.’”

The results were dramatic. After implementing PAVE, Navia was able to boost productivity by automating away menial tasks such as registrations, document delivery, and invoicing. This freed up staff to handle more complex work, where they were able to add more value than the old, repetitive manual tasks that used to take up their time.

“I couldn’t see us going back to physically writing out all the files like we used to,” says Green-McNiff.

“Having to find a file, put it on our desk, move it along, pass it on to the next person—it was very old-school compared to what we’re doing now.” 

The switch to PAVE means that more work is being done in less time, which is good news for everyone—especially Navia’s floor staff, who are now easily able to see the work assigned to them, which tasks are urgent, and which tasks can wait. PAVE’s automation functions also ensure that new work is assigned to people who have more capacity, preventing others being overloaded.

“[PAVE is] so configurable, and the rope is so long,” says Borg.

“The rabbit hole is so deep that you can literally do anything you want if you figure it out. Things that we thought weren’t in the realm of the possible now are. It’s incredibly powerful.”

PAVE has played a crucial role in transforming Navia’s approach to productivity, but Borg is most encouraged by the positive effect it has had on floor staff: the beating heart of Navia’s business and the reason PAVE was implemented in the first place.

“To see these people happier,” he concludes, “it was a really powerful thing.”

Navia Logistics Offers Customers

  • FCL and LCL import and export seafreight
  • Airfreight import and export - IATA accredited
  • High and Heavy freight moves
  • Customs Clearance, tariff advice, tariff concession consultation and application
  • Order management from purchase order level through final delivery
  • Container packing and unpacking

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