Automated workflows and real-time data visibility have enabled Sanco International to increase efficiency and provide uninterrupted logistics services to their customers during unprecedented times, says LT Huang, Managing Director, Sanco International.

“Implementing CargoWise has been a critical step in our digital transformation journey, enabling us to keep up with the changing landscape and improve the standard of international supply chains,” says LT Huang.  

Digital transformation to inform decision making

As a representative of medium-sized enterprises in the China freight forwarding industry, Sanco had been looking to upgrade to a more advanced logistics solution that would establish them as a true freight expert in Southeast Asia whilst supporting their goal to expand into emerging markets.

“We chose CargoWise because it is the most advanced system in the Chinese international logistics market. The cloud-based solution offers full integration of data and processes, and provides us with complete visibility of information and innovative tools for us to improve our operations”, says Daphne Ma, General Manager, Sanco International.

From workflow automation and electronic messaging to HR management, CargoWise's powerful tools and functionality have provided freight forwarders with more comprehensive technical support, more opportunities for business development and the support to execute advanced ideas, Daphne explains.

“Distinct from the other operating systems on the market, CargoWise provides advanced end-to-end technology and functional integration to perfectly connect people, time, events, and departments together through the workflow function. Plus, reporting and detailed analytics enables managers to make informed and accurate decisions.  

“This means we’re able to increase our productivity, run smooth internal and external communications, and solve a range of complex logistics industry problems, enabling Sanco to compete with major international competitors more confidently.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions to the logistics industry, accelerating the need for companies to embrace digitalization and cloud-based services; Sanco’s decision to rollout CargoWise in 2019 meant that they were ahead of the curve.

“With many of our customers, employees, and partners scattered all over the country during the pandemic, CargoWise's cloud-based model facilitated seamless communication and collaboration with our network and meant that we were able to quickly recover from uncertain market conditions and increasing client demands.

“Our network were able to communicate with each other around the world in real-time and could continue to provide uninterrupted high-quality logistics services to their customers. This alleviated much of the panic and uncertainty experienced by many in the industry during this time.

Thanks to our decision to roll out CargoWise last year, we’ve been able to accelerate our digital transformation ahead of schedule, which brings us confidence in our continuous progress and operations in the future,” says Daphne.  

Integrating processes to boost operational efficiency

Automated workflows, real-time data visibility and deep integration capabilities are the biggest differences they’ve seen from traditional logistics systems used in the past, explains LT.

“Thanks to the platform’s automated workflows, accuracy and stability, we’ve reduced manual data input, significantly improved the effectiveness and accuracy of our communications and improved the customer experience,” LT Huang explains.

Daphne adds that CargoWise’s powerful workflow tools have enabled them to build customised internal workflows that have resulted in stronger departmental collaboration and seamless operating processes.

In the first three quarters of 2020, Sanco exceeded their volume target by 15% and have already achieved 86% loading volumes against the annual volume target. They have also exceeded their profit target by 5% and have reported a 50% improvement in operational efficiency, taking their customer service and business operations to new heights.

“CargoWise has made a substantial contribution to Sanco’s operational efficiency, business volume and profit while controlling labour costs. Faced with the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, CargoWise has provided us with the stability and confidence in Sanco’s future sustainable development,” Daphne adds.

Sustainable development and future growth

Looking to the future, Sanco are committed to continuing their digital transformation journey, fine tuning their internal processes, continuously improving their level of service, and adhering to international industry standards.

“CargoWise has changed Sanco International’s management structure, allowed us to penetrate into the depths of international trade, and enabled us as a company to make more valuable contributions to the entire supply chain,” says LT Huang.

Daphne adds that, “with CargoWise as our digital weapon and strategic partner, we are confident in Sanco’s ability to expand into international markets, and we are committed to becoming a service benchmark among freight companies and a true freight expert in the Southeast Asian market.”