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Jucari Global

CargoWise Service Partner

Jucari Global, provides strategic product management and consultancy services in digital transformation for the supply chain industry with CargoWise One.


Collect Potential

Our approach to create a vivid picture of system behaviour that reveals not only the what but also the why.

Solutions designed in CargoWise One that makes your data more usable and delivers a true view of sales and service level performance.

Connect Value

Our strategy to implement global productivity and connectivity alignment across your supply chain network.

Helping your business developing an accurate picture of where true value lies and how this is likely to change.

Share Success

Our view to exponential growth comes from acting boldly, automate low value tasks, changing organisation attitudes to becoming what your future customers want you to be.


Jucari Global, your strategic partner in CargoWise One


CargoWise Certification

1 certified consultant
1 certified consultant
2 certified consultants
English, Chinese, Afrikaans
August 28, 2018

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Justine Kruger
+61 478 224 202


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