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Southern Freight Consultants

CargoWise Service Partner

Southern Freight Consultants are an Australian based CargoWise Service Partner based in Victoria and with over 30 years consultancy experience in the Freight and Logistics Industry they offer consulting and training services in Forwarding, CRM Tariff Management, Finance & Accounting. Having deployed CargoWise One in the USA, China and Australia over the past years, our knowledge and understanding of local culture and associated challenges allows our team to partner and mentor you through your CargoWise One journey.

Our close ties with other WiseTech Global partners allows us to best recommend technical and interface solutions should they be required. If you are looking for a partnership approach, then feel free to contact our office at any time.

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0 certified consultants
0 certified consultants
1 certified consultant
English, Russian
August 15, 2017

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George Scheromsky
+614 33 420 644


"Takes the time to understand their clients needs and meets all expectations"

The project response and completion, beat my expected timelines and was put into language that was easily understandable. I am completely satisfied with the service provided and will definitely recommend Southern Freight Consultants as a company who takes the time to understand their clients needs and meets all expectations.

SST International Inc - November 2019