Border compliance is a challenging, high-risk process. As a trade professional, you face immense commercial pressures to make decisions quickly, keep costs low, and reliably handle ever-increasing volumes. Making hasty or ill-informed choices can increase your personal liability and expose you to potential penalties—but delaying a declaration costs time and money.

BorderWise is a technical border and customs library. BorderWise puts all the information you need to make timely, informed decisions at your fingertips.

Determine correct tariff classifications, applicable duties and taxes, as well as other import and export border requirements quickly and easily.

Navigate the complex compliance environment with access to the World Customs Organization’s Harmonized System Explanatory Notes and real-time updates from government agencies and authorities.

180+ books of legislation and reference materials covering the U.S., Australia and New Zealand

Increase your productivity while remaining fully compliant with intelligent search capabilities and unrivalled comprehensive reference materials.


  • A comprehensive, technical customs and border library in a single application that you can access from anywhere in the world via web browser or the desktop application
  • Capabilities well beyond those of TradeFox, Digerati Inbound and Outbound and ediTariff
  • Real-time automatic updates
  • Updates, legislation, and notices from WCO as well a government departments and regulatory bodies
  • Available as a stand-alone product or used as part of CargoWise One’s Customs Declarations, Document Management, and Workflow Manager modules, with full CW1 integration coming in the near future.

Introducing BorderWise


Avoid heavy penalties, over/underpayment of duties and taxes, and delays at the border with BorderWise, a digital research tool for border compliance. Used by forwarders, customs brokers, importer/exporters and trade professionals worldwide, BorderWise is available as a standalone service and as a complement to CargoWise One.


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