Container Freight

Container Freight Station (CFS)

A well-managed container freight station is vital for the seamless movement of containers through a depot. In high-volume depots, keeping track of what’s coming in and what’s going out is crucial. CargoWise One’s Container Freight Station module can help you handle all your container depot needs.

Container management

This module allows you to allocate and un-allocate pack lines with one click – even for multiple containers. It saves time with an auto-pack function for single-container load lists. You can also manage large shipments split over several containers.

When a shipment is ready to go, CargoWise One lets you create and print gate passes. And if there’s a hold up, you can quickly change the status of a container from “cargo” to “storage”.

Depot management

Using CargoWise One, all essential documents and reports are stored electronically. Customizable filter and grid options make locating and monitoring your information easy. Flexible templates let you design reports to your needs and align them with your corporate image.

CargoWise One’s automated accounting features include full revenue and costing capabilities. This means you can operate your container-management system as its own profit/loss center. Also, automatic multi-currency invoicing for fees and charges helps prevent revenue loss.

The Container Freight Station module is integrated with the CargoWise One system. Integration allows for easy transfer of documents and information to and from different departments in your company.

Whether you specialize in sea or air freight, CargoWise One gives you a complete container-management system covering every link in the supply chain. CargoWise One will help your depot operations become more efficient, accurate, and productive.

CFS Overview


CargoWise One provides everything you need in a Container Management System, making your end-to-end container and depot operations more efficient, accurate, and productive.


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A brief overview of the ways that CargoWise One makes your logistics operations more productive.

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