Accurate, automatic, and secure accounting

Eliminate errors, minimize miscalculations, and never miss a payment again. Fully integrated with the wider system, CargoWise One’s powerful accounting functions manage your invoicing, receivables, payables, cashbook, job costing, and general ledger data via its single-platform system.

Automated costing and invoicing based on agreed client rates and time frames as well as automatic accruals and work-in-progress practices ensure operational costs are always taken into account and profits are never overstated.

With its revenue recognition functionality, the automated, tax compliant statement delivery system eliminates the need to run manual statements. Its advanced debt collection function sends documents, displays outstanding balance information and call history, and creates follow up reminders that link directly to MS Outlook, all with a few clicks of a button. For further financial security, the system’s audit logging capabilities maintain the integrity of your accounting data.

Your company's current, financial position is always visible with CargoWise One through its customizable reporting capabilities. Track the performance of your individual branches, whether interstate or overseas, and analyze your actual financial performance against your projected earnings or against that of previous years.

Stay in control of your inter-agent invoicing transactions

CargoWise One's Netting Center combines multiple transactions into one net payment stream and automates the time-intensive, manual process of matching balances and reconciling invoices. 

By slashing the number of payments and foreign currency trades from thousands to just a small handful each month, you’ll improve your payment discipline, reduce bank costs and drive clearer liquidity forecasting.

Accounting Overview

In the logistics industry, entering data multiple times across operational systems and again in a third party accounting system leads to several issues, but CargoWise One’s integrated accounting mitigates these risks.

Agent and Group Subsidiary Netting

Get control of your inter-agent invoicing transactions and focus on high value work that matters most to your business with our Agent and Group Subsidiary Netting solution.

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