Electronic Document Management Across Your Global Operations

CargoWise One frees you from stacks of paper and folders by giving you a centralized, cloud-based document management system for all your important information. By storing documents electronically, your business will be able to phase out the need to track down and archive paper documents, saving you space, time, and resources as well as ensuring your vital data never goes missing.

When CargoWise One stores these ‘eDocs,’ they integrated with all of the associated and relevant shipments, orders, products, and other operations, all from within the one, easy-to-find location. Your eDocs are an electronic representation of traditional physical documents and can contain one or multiple pages. They can be scanned in from a paper hard copy, imported from a computer hard drive, or simply dragged and dropped from an email.

By centralizing these documents online, your information can be quickly accessed across your entire operation whenever and wherever it’s needed. Documents can be viewed by multiple parties to free up operational bottlenecks – such as having different departments needing the same document at the same time – while errors and unnecessary duplications can be avoided as your whole operation begins to work from the same (paperless) page.

eDocs Overview


CargoWise One’s eDoc functionality gives you what you need to manage your system and external documents.


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