International Electronic Ports Connection

Direct electronic connections to ports

Direct electronic connections to port community systems in China, South Africa, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands improves supply-chain visibility and streamlines shipment management processes in these important logistics hubs.

It removes the need for manual processes, which can cause delays and rejection of cargo. And delivers speed, quality and accuracy, so you can be confident your goods leave or enter these ports smoothly and on time. 

Get it right first time

Intelligent data validation ensures the correct messages are submitted, making sure messages are sent according to the recipient’s correct standards.

Minimise delays

Electronic documentation reduces the need for manual processes, reducing wait times at the port. If messages are not sent by a certain date or time, exception management can be used to automate notifications for further action. 

Control costs

By eliminating manual data entry, you reduce your risk of penalties and streamline the processing of cargo, saving valuable time and money.

Improve productivity

Quickly and easily send your data electronically and ensure you have an audit trail that can be tracked.

Enhance your reputation

CargoWise One's electronic connection provides speed, quality and accuracy, removes concerns over penalties and delays, and provides peace of mind, so that you can focus on your clients and business.

China Ports eConnection

CargoWise One now offers a direct electronic connection to Carriers operating in many of China’s busiest sea ports, improving supply chain visibility and streamlining shipment management processes.

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