Single Sign-on Rates Integration

CargoWise One gives users the ability to manage complex and ever changing carrier rates, providing seamless integration that enables the execution of those rates to optimize margins and routes to match the demands of your customers’ supply chains.

Total system integration

The integration of two world class rate management applications, CargoSphere and Cargoguide, enables CargoWise One users to easily navigate between all three applications through a single-sign-on, with data flowing between the applications through APIs based on a series of use cases. This data flow eliminates double entry and always allows the user the fastest access to the most up-to-date buy rates.

Direct Carrier Connections

In an industry first for ocean carrier rate management (with air and ground in development), CargoWise One is the only rate management solution that provides a digital global eco-system for carrier rates via direct carrier connections. Through this direct, electronic feed from carriers, CargoWise One effectively digitises the manual and laborious task of managing and processing dense, paper-based carrier contracts. This gives forwarders and NVOCCs access to instant, real-time, automated rates, increasing data accuracy and integrity.

Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity

Rates are changing all the time, making the management of them complex and unnecessarily time-consuming. The rates module is a technology layer that makes the management and distribution of rates more efficient, simplifying the laborious and often error-laden process of manually entering, updating, and cross-checking carrier pricelists.

Online access to timely rates for better decision making

CargoWise One aggregates, converts and stores information from multiple providers to ensure you get the best rate for the origin, destination, commodity, and quantity you want to ship. The rates are fed into the storage server by the CargoWise One Community and Third Party rate integration services such as CargoSphere and CargoGuide - meaning CargoWise One becomes the only place you need to store and search for all of your tariffs.

Build fast, accurate quotes

In addition to making your rates searchable, WiseRates includes available rates from carefully selected partners and other CargoWise One users. All these rates can be used to build fast, accurate quotes that flow seamlessly through your system for carrier booking, accounting, and reporting purposes.

Our Rates module encompasses multi-modal capabilities to manage all modes of transportation and provides a platform to create quotes to your customers based on real and timely data.



CargoSphere Announces Rate Integration and Single Sign On with CargoWise One

CargoWise One users gain access to CargoSphere ocean rates ecosystem and direct carrier connections.

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