Land Transport

A shipment may travel the world, but every order begins and ends on land. As such, a successful supply chain operation isn’t complete without efficient local and overland transportation. Whether door-to-port or port-to-door, trucks or tracks, refrigerated, point to point, bulk or line haul, CargoWise One is the comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages your consignments to and from everywhere in every form. As an industry-first, CargoWise One’s mobile application enables import management from your handheld device.

A Total Transportation Solution

The key to a successful land transport operation is staying informed through up-to-the-minute, accurate, and complete data for planning, allocation, and execution of consignment pickup and delivery. With CargoWise One, you get real-time, electronically linked insights into your operations. Utilizing the latest handheld mobility and integrated truck telematics, you’ll receive on-the-road job data streams, truck-to-base and base-to-truck status updates and be able to track drivers, equipment and consignments in real time to maximize yield, increase load factors and gain access to comprehensive performance reports.

Better Transport Management for Better Business

Map, manage, and schedule all of your operations through CargoWise One’s comprehensive planning functionality. Its integrated run-sheet dashboard display delivers instant, comprehensive status of your vehicle fleet and allocated jobs. Whether containerized cargo or bulk, multiple or mixed consignments, liquid or refrigerated, multi-leg or container, CargoWise One’s land transport software will help you optimize delivery schedules and get the most from your trucking fleet.

Integrate Operations with the Wider Supply Chain

With CargoWise One, seamlessly manage your domestic and international consignments as they transition through each stage of the supply chain. Land transport integrates with forwarding, customs, container freight station, and transit and contract warehousing capabilities, providing automatic data and billing handovers, data sharing, and complete visibility. Manage your accounts as well as your shipments through an extensive audit trail facility and event system. The system auto-rates consignments and sends invoices electronically, so can focus on customers and win new business.

Advanced Mobility Solutions That Improve On-the-Road Operations

Drivers are a pivotal point of every transport operation, often the direct point of contact for customers. Provide drivers with real-time information and support and you improve the standard of your customer service. Via intuitive, integrated software installed onto in-cab devices, CargoWise One’s truck telematics and hand-held mobility creates the comprehensive information flows, checks, and features that a driver needs to do his job well. Communicate with drivers and the fleet from within the system. By combining back-office operational consignment and job data with GPS, POD and other mobile data, transport companies and their customers have ready access to real-time information on shipments movements as they occur. CargoWise One’s transport management suite easily and intelligently analyzes and compiles GPS location, vehicle performance, and driver behavior to report actual delivery times, wait times, and detention. It also provides your customers with automated notices, via web, email, and SMS, when a pickup or delivery is predicted imminent, or running late.

Real-Time Proof of Delivery

As soon as your driver and customer have confirmed delivery, CargoWise One rates and posts the charges via accurate and automatic billing. Using integrated scan, weight, and measure equipment, consignment errors, supply discrepancies, and revenue leakage can be accounted for and traced back to their cause. Not only does this immediately benefit your cash flow, it also vastly reduces administration, inquiries, claims, and complaints. With CargoWise One’s track and trace web portal, customers can review the status of each job, view the POD, and print the consignment note and invoice, and activating the system’s live GPS location allows them to see the actual location of the vehicle with their job in real time.

GPS Capabilities Keep Track of Business

CargoWise One includes integrated GPS technology that integrates location and map information to benefit your wider operations. By combining this data with customer, job, driver, and trip statistics in a single-platform system, you gain greater visibility, helping you ensure that your operations stay on track. CargoWise One’s transport management system uses this data to process operational tasks, trigger alerts, and schedule activities in real time. This enables reporting and analysis of planned versus actual and ad hoc queries such as finding the closest vehicle that has capacity for consignment collection.

Geo-Fencing That Works

CargoWise One features dynamic geo-fencing functionality that leads to more accurate operations. Rather than overwhelming you with an event notification every time your vehicles pass geo-fences, the system creates geo-fence triggers on the fly for the current leg of the individual vehicle, and it dynamically learns the exact geo-fence details over time for each pickup and delivery location.

Route Optimization and Scheduling Software

Fuel, fleet, and driver expenses can be among the highest operating costs for a transport business, so managing them is vital to maintain competitive pricing while retaining profitability. CargoWise One plans, allocates, optimizes, and schedules your routes continuously during each run. It adjusts for unexpected events such as detention, traffic, booking, and route changes as they occur, so you can be more adaptable, more productive, and more cost-effective than outdated plan-once-and-execute systems ever could. Whether you run operations with a high-density customer base or a high-volume, low-value retail that requires a large number of drops per truck, you need a capable system to manage and optimize your delivery-pickup cycle. With CargoWise One, plan your deliveries along the quickest or shortest routes to ensure DIFOT results. Minimize time, effort, and cost, and maximize fleet efficiency.

Improved Customer Service, Greater Management Control

By optimizing and scheduling your routes, your customers get the right vehicle at the right time, resulting in a more reliable service. CargoWise One improves your service standards by reducing lead-time between receipt of an order and its delivery, and tighter delivery windows are implemented without adding cost. With your optimized routes, you’ll also gain greater management control as you set and measure planned depot departure and return times for each driver and set driver performance standards and KPIs to achieve your targets.

Logistics Device-as-a-Service (LDaaS)

LDaaS is a groundbreaking software, telematics, and mobile device development for the land transport and warehousing industry. The LDaaS program packages CargoWise One’s leading logistics management solution with the latest ruggedized mobile devices and integrated telematics for a complete mobility solution with no up-front or locked-in term contracts and at a low monthly fee.

Increase Productivity with Perfectly Paired Software and Devices

A first for the logistics industry, LDaaS makes true mobility and vehicle telematics an affordable option for any transport or warehouse business. Businesses have typically had to make multiple complex and risky technology investments in software, mobile devices, WiFi, and telecommunications data services. Now with LDaaS, you can take advantage of the productivity and operational benefits of integrated mobility without the complexity, software integration, and large capital costs.

A One-Stop-Shop Mobility Solution

LDaaS lets you benefit from CargoWise One’s broad capabilities delivered in the field through a durable, easy-to-support, and standardized device. With LDaaS, you get on-the-go job management, GPS tracking, sign-on-glass, barcode scanning and many other transport features as well as RF scanning, scan pack, and voice picking options for the warehouse. LDaaS lets you more accurately manage your operations and gives you ready access to real-time information as it happens.

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