Land Transport

Land transport

From trucks to tracks, CargoWise One’s integrated system can effectively manage land transportation.

CargoWise One provides full visibility across transport operations. Jobs are entered into the system only once. They can then be optimized, allocated, managed, and tracked in real time.

CargoWise One can also provide on-the-road data streams and status updates. The system can track drivers, equipment, and consignments in real time.

Transport management

CargoWise One’s planning capabilities help manage and schedule all transport operations. The integrated run-sheet dashboard display shows fleet status and allocated jobs.


CargoWise One’s land-transport modules integrate with the other capabilities in the platform. This enables automatic data and billing handovers, and data sharing.

The system can manage accounts and shipments through an audit-trail facility and event system. CargoWise One also auto rates consignments and sends invoices electronically.

What is CargoWise One?


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