GPS and Tracking

GPS Capabilities Keep Track of Business

CargoWise One includes integrated GPS technology that integrates location and map information to benefit your wider operations. By combining this data with customer, job, driver, and trip statistics in a single-platform system, you gain greater visibility, helping you ensure that your operations stay on track. CargoWise One’s transport management system uses this data to process operational tasks, trigger alerts, and schedule activities in real time. This enables reporting and analysis of planned versus actual and ad hoc queries such as finding the closest vehicle that has capacity for consignment collection.

Geo-Fencing That Works

CargoWise One features dynamic geo-fencing functionality that leads to more accurate operations. Rather than overwhelming you with an event notification every time your vehicles pass geo-fences, the system creates geo-fence triggers on the fly for the current leg of the individual vehicle, and it dynamically learns the exact geo-fence details over time for each pickup and delivery location.

What is CargoWise One?


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