Advanced Mobility Solutions for Improving On-the-Road Operations

Drivers are a pivotal point of every transport operation, often the direct point of contact for customers. Provide drivers with real-time information and support and you improve the standard of your customer service. Via intuitive, integrated software installed onto in-cab devices, CargoWise One’s truck telematics and hand-held mobility creates the comprehensive information flows, checks, and features that a driver needs to do his job well. Communicate with drivers and the fleet from within the system. By combining back-office operational consignment and job data with GPS, POD and other mobile data, transport companies and their customers have ready access to real-time information on shipments movements as they occur. CargoWise One’s transport management suite easily and intelligently analyzes and compiles GPS location, vehicle performance, and driver behavior to report actual delivery times, wait times, and detention. It also provides your customers with automated notices, via web, email, and SMS, when a pickup or delivery is predicted imminent, or running late.

Real-Time Proof of Delivery

As soon as your driver and customer have confirmed delivery, CargoWise One rates and posts the charges via accurate and automatic billing. Using integrated scan, weight, and measure equipment, consignment errors, supply discrepancies, and revenue leakage can be accounted for and traced back to their cause. Not only does this immediately benefit your cash flow, it also vastly reduces administration, inquiries, claims, and complaints. With CargoWise One’s track and trace web portal, customers can review the status of each job, view the POD, and print the consignment note and invoice, and activating the system’s live GPS location allows them to see the actual location of the vehicle with their job in real time.

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