Optimization and Scheduling

Route Optimization and Scheduling Software

Fuel, fleet, and driver expenses can be among the highest operating costs for a transport business, so managing them is vital to maintain competitive pricing while retaining profitability. CargoWise One plans, allocates, optimizes, and schedules your routes continuously during each run. It adjusts for unexpected events such as detention, traffic, booking, and route changes as they occur, so you can be more adaptable, more productive, and more cost-effective than outdated plan-once-and-execute systems ever could. Whether you run operations with a high-density customer base or a high-volume, low-value retail that requires a large number of drops per truck, you need a capable system to manage and optimize your delivery-pickup cycle. With CargoWise One, plan your deliveries along the quickest or shortest routes to ensure DIFOT results. Minimize time, effort, and cost, and maximize fleet efficiency.

Improved Customer Service, Greater Management Control

By optimizing and scheduling your routes, your customers get the right vehicle at the right time, resulting in a more reliable service. CargoWise One improves your service standards by reducing lead-time between receipt of an order and its delivery, and tighter delivery windows are implemented without adding cost. With your optimized routes, you’ll also gain greater management control as you set and measure planned depot departure and return times for each driver and set driver performance standards and KPIs to achieve your targets.

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