CargoWise One includes a flexible warehouse management system (WMS). This system provides real-time control over inbound and outbound cargo. It also provides visibility over all inventory management processes.

CargoWise One can work for warehouses of any size. It can help small warehouses with few orders. It can also scale up to manage large, complex operations with many clients with varied needs.

This WMS can integrate warehouse operations with partners, providers, and the wider supply chain. It can also integrate operations with other areas of a transport and forwarding business.


CargoWise One automates data entry and customer interfaces. This increases accuracy, making it easy to scale operations as a business grows.

Rules for releasing jobs can be automated based on capacity and priority. This can allow team leaders to better manage their operations. And, by releasing the right job at the right time, DIFOT (delivered-in-full-and-on-time) statistics can be improved.

Inventory management

This multi-warehouse management software provides an audit trail for every piece of inventory. It records each movement of every piece that moves in, around, and out of warehouses. This visibility can boost the efficiency and accuracy of warehousing operations. It enables operations to be scaled to meet seasonal changes, business growth, and high-volume customers.


Visibility is key for customers looking for a warehouse provider. It is important to offer customers the tools to track inventory levels and the movement of goods. CargoWise One lets you provide your customers with a web-based reporting system so they can track their goods in real time.

CargoWise One’s track and trace capabilities enable customers to enter orders, view invoices, and view order statuses. Also, customers can get an inventory balance at any time.

Payment management

It pays to have a system that ensures all pieces are accounted for and invoiced correctly. This can help reduce revenue leakage. CargoWise One can automate the entire invoicing cycle.

The system can help configure client-specific rating schedules for handling and storage. This means charges for each job can be automatically applied. Being able to auto rate every activity, value added service, and piece of storage is essential for staying profitable. With CargoWise One, you can do all this on a single invoice for each client and at the push of a button.

RF scanning

CargoWise One’s RF (radio-frequency) scanning capability helps to sharpen, simplify, and streamline operations.

RF scanning can be integrated into a company’s wider operations. This can maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary risks associated with high-turnover storage.

RF scanning has revolutionized the way the modern warehouse works. Operators can use handheld scanning devices to record movements within and outside of the warehouse. This ensures warehouse workers pick the right product for the right destination.

RF scanning is included in our unique LDaaS (logistics-device-as-a-service) program. This system eliminates the high upfront capital cost of purchasing equipment. Choose from several RF devices. We’ll provide the equipment – optimized for CargoWise One – for a small monthly fee with no yearly contract commitments.

Scan packing

CargoWise One’s scan-packing function provides the capability to scan products into cartons and label them with a serial shipping container code (SSCC) label.

Use of SSCC numbers is growing throughout the supply chain as a way to track freight. Being able to scan and generate these numbers and label freight is essential in today’s supply chain.

Many retailers insist that inventory is scan-packed with specific label formats and SSCC numbers. CargoWise One can help warehouse manages stay up to date with requirements.

Warehouse Management Overview

CargoWise One is the all-in-one, comprehensive, scalable solution for warehouse and distribution management.

Productivity Overview

A brief overview of the ways that CargoWise One makes your logistics operations more productive.

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