Designed to optimize warehouse processes, CargoWise One provides a comprehensive management system with complete visibility and inventory control for effective 3PL and 4PL operations. Your customers’ goods will be delivered in full and on time, every time. It suits the present scale of your business – from small warehouses with few orders to large, multi-warehouse operations – and can be reconfigured to match future growth. Through integration with your transportation and forwarding operations, the system reduces the hassle of high data-entry volume. CargoWise One streamlines workflow by linking your warehouse operations to your partners, providers, and the worldwide supply chain.

Advanced Automation and Increased Productivity

Warehousing and distribution is all about the daily movement and tracking of thousands of items. Higher volume translates to higher risk for errors. An automated interface is essential if you ever want to expand your operations. CargoWise One reduces administrative costs and increases data accuracy by enabling single-file data entry. Automate the rules for releasing jobs to your warehouse team in order of capacity and priority, and you then improve your DIFOT (Delivered In Full and On Time) statistics.

Manage and Scale Your Inventory Effectively

CargoWise One’s multi-client, multi-warehouse management software delivers full EDI interfacing that traces clear audit trails for every piece of inventory as it travels in, around, and out of your warehouse. By maximizing the accuracy of your operations in this way, you can rapidly scale your warehouse to meet seasonal changes, business growth, and high-volume customers.

Broad Visibility Your Customers Require

To be considered high quality, a warehouse operator needs to deliver the means to accurately track the movement of its customers’ shipments. CargoWise One’s comprehensive, web-based track and trace capabilities give your customers the freedom to enter orders, view order statuses, invoices, and inventory balances at any time, even outside warehouse operation hours. By  offering your customers a connection with their inventory, they’ll gain the confidence to outsource their inventory management.

Never Miss a Payment

Revenue leakage is a real challenge for modern warehouse operations. With the sheer volume of goods going in and out every day, it is crucial to have a system that ensures everything is accounted for and invoiced correctly. The capability to configure client-specific rating schedules, handling, and storage means you can automatically apply charges for each job. Being able to auto rate every service and piece of storage is essential for staying profitable. With CargoWise One, you can do all of this on a single invoice at the push of a single button.

Minimize Mistakes, Maximize Productivity

The pinpoint precision of RF scanning has revolutionized the modern warehouse. CargoWise One’s RF features ensure your warehouse locates the right product, in the right quantities, for the right destination. Real-time scanning provides you with up-to-the-second data for your warehouse processes, from receiving and releasing, picking and packing, receipts and replenishments. It streamlines your warehouse system so you can measure your jobs, make informed decisions, and maximize your productivity, performance, and profit while minimizing the unnecessary risks and resources associated with high-turnover storage.

Scanning Services Secure New Business

Scan packing has become an instrumental requirement in warehouse. This process guarantees quality control in checking products and quantities, then provides customers with manifests so inventory can be located quickly. Many major retailers insist that inventory is scan packed into boxes and onto pallets with their specific label formats and SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) numbers. Generating these numbers for freight is an essential function of modern, successful supply chain providers. CargoWise One’s capability to scan products into cartons and designate them with an SSCC label satisfies the needs of current customers and attracts potential business.

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CargoWise One is the all-in-one, comprehensive, scalable solution for warehouse and distribution management.

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