WiseCloud - Simple, Secure, and Highly Available Application Delivery

WiseCloud provides powerful, reliable, and comprehensive application delivery and management services from our global data network. You have the advantage of a fully available 24x7 system with global disaster recovery capability, data management, upgrades and maintenance, backup, and continuity planning across your business.

  • Cost Effective: Standard WiseCloud application delivery, including support services and application upgrades, is provided at no additional cost as part of WiseAdvantage. You’ll benefit from lower total IT costs and minimal capital investment, with fewer internal IT resources required for implementation and ongoing support.
  • Efficient: WiseCloud delivers installation, upgrades, and management up to 80% faster than traditional solutions. Your business can get fully up and running quickly, leaving your internal IT resources able to focus on “line of business” solutions.
  • Accessible: Your WiseTech Global applications and data can be accessed 24x7 from virtually any location. New features, message gateways, and transactions are available when and where you need them.