WiseMaintenance - Reliable Access to New Features

Standard maintenance includes feature enhancements, software quality management, defect resolution, patching and release control. All new features and enhancements undergo extensive, comprehensive testing prior to release. Upgrades and patches for applications delivered through WiseCloud are managed by skilled technical staff, and are virtually transparent to the end user. We offer three release version options:

  • General Product Release: the majority of CargoWise One customers use General Product Release, which provides a stable production environment requiring minimal support staff. Commercially tested for production environments; upgrades are released quarterly with regular patches.
  • Standard Product Release: a selection of CargoWise One customers use Standard Product Release to allow early access to new functions. Additional resources may be required to manage the more active development profile. Upgrades are released monthly with regular patches.
  • Development Product Release: key select CargoWise One customers use Development Product Release for short periods of time to gain early access to cutting edge industry features. Development Product Release is also used in test and training environments to allow early access to new features and capabilities. Upgrades are released weekly with regular patches.