Chicago, IL April 17, 2012 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics services providers (LSPs), are continuing their expansion into Canada with the implementation of their award winning ediEnterprise solution for the Canadian based C.S World Cargo 2000 Ltd and CAN ASL, Inc.

CargoWise’s rapid expansion into the Canadian market is centered on providing solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) in the Canadian marketplace, particularly with regard to customs brokerage.
CargoWise VP Business Development Americas, Gene Gander said “CargoWise has had a strong presence in the Canadian market for years through our multinational customers, however we now have a dedicated presence and are experiencing exceptional growth on the merits of our Canadian-specific functionality.

“Rather than being an extension of our global customers, we are seeing new business from purely Canadian focused customers. Much of this recent activity has been due to our Canadian customs product. This market has been under serviced for years and innovative customs brokers are excited about what we are bringing to the Canadian market.”
Toronto-based licensed customs broker C.S. World Cargo required a single software solution to handle air and sea freight, customs brokerage, warehousing & distribution and online tracking capabilities.

Chandie Singh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at C.S. World Cargo says, “The great thing about CargoWise is that it is the only software that has a worldwide outlook for the entire logistics industry. Most other providers concentrate on certain sectors of the supply chain. With CargoWise I have one software solution for logistics, customs, warehousing & distribution, as well as on line track & trace”.

As well as helping established companies such as C.S World Cargo, the modularity and scalability of CargoWise solutions makes them ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or industry newcomers.
“CAN ASL, a recent entrant to the Canadian market, was determined to hit the ground running with best practices in place to maximize productivity” explains Mr. Gander.

CAN ASL’s President, Joelle Houpert, said, “I didn’t want to go the path of an unorganized startup. I wanted to put in place right from the start, a system that will help us to be efficient and that will grow with us. It was also important to provide my clients with the best tools on the market such as ediWebTracker. In a small organization such as ours, our time is very precious. Implementing ediEnterprise was a relatively smooth experience. With CargoWise support we have been able to start operating quickly. I believe that ediEnterprise will be a key strategic tool for our future success”.

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,