For Senior Software Engineer, Andy Li, the decision to join WiseTech was driven by his desire to unleash his potential and have a greater impact on a global scale. Andy made the leap from a 14-year tenure in his previous role to becoming the pioneering force behind WiseTech’s new Adelaide office.

In this interview, Andy shares his experience building a brand-new office from the ground up, why he feels a sense of leadership for his local team, and how our inclusive culture enables him to do his best work.

You were the first team member to join the Adelaide office when it opened last year, why did you decide to join WiseTech?

I had been working at my previous company for 14 years, and I had been doing quite well in a management role. I was working on design development across almost every aspect of the company. But the company is quite small, and I felt that I had the energy to do a lot more. So, I realized that it was time for me to look for a bigger stage to perform on and to make a bigger impact.

I'd been looking for a job for a little while, then I was approached by WiseTech. At the time I actually had a different offer, but WiseTech’s hiring process made me feel really valued and excited and I realized that this was the place for me.

Being the first team member to join the Adelaide office was a big opportunity for me to build something new. Since joining, I’ve called on my own connections to build up the team here and the whole journey has been fantastic.

What were your first impressions of WiseTech?

I guess it's the product that we're building that interests me a lot. To be able to build a product and deploy it on a global scale is a one-of-a-kind, unique opportunity, especially for a place like Australia, so that excites me.

But I think the most important thing for me is that we have such an inclusive culture, so you never feel you’re excluded from the circle. Not only are you part of the circle, but you also feel valued and proud to be here.

Coming from a different culture, I’ve always felt welcomed and accepted at WiseTech. You don’t feel judged because you speak a different language or because you’re from a different background. WiseTech makes people feel comfortable, which means you actually perform better and can be the best version of yourself.

What has your experience of the hybrid model been like?

The hybrid model allows me to organize my own time. I have three children, so I can now pick up the kids after school, and I can choose when I want to work, as long as it’s not disrupting the team. I really enjoy the flexibility.

We don't do micromanagement at WiseTech. You’re trusted to perform the tasks that are given to you. I think that’s one of the best things about working at WiseTech, that you’re trusted to perform tasks in your own time, and you’re given the flexibility to do so.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy being a problem solver and being trusted to write code that makes an impact. I also enjoy mentoring and collaborating with other people, and helping others become better software engineers.

Although I’m not a team lead, I feel a sense of leadership in the Adelaide office. I want to lead and I want to take this team to the next stage for the company. Being a mentor is a great thing, because when you're mentoring other people, you learn to be a better leader. You can reflect on yourself and see which areas you can improve on, which is really important.

Why do you think an experienced software engineer should consider joining WiseTech?

We have complex problems to solve, and we can make a major impact in the logistics industry on a global scale. When we’re looking for people, we're looking for problem solvers. It doesn't matter what background you're coming from or what experience you’ve had before or what tech languages you’re familiar with. As long as you’re talented and are a confident problem solver, you can be hired here, and you can grow into an even better developer.

WiseTech is a big, profitable company, but it's also like a family. If you join, you'll be part of family in a place where you can truly be yourself while doing rewarding work. The way we handle new people in WiseTech is we take them in, and we help them learn and grow. We make them better in all aspects of their role, so that even after they leave WiseTech they will be highly skilled and will have job security.