About the job

Talent acquisition is a skill, not just a job. It's the sort of role that ignites deep curiosity and challenges you to think outside of the square to uncover hidden talent in places the average recruiter cannot unlock.

The global talent team at Wisetech Global (ASX:WTC) is headquartered in Sydney, with team members worldwide. Together we enhance business outcomes by finding, engaging, onboarding and retaining talent. We do this by truly hiring for potential, hiring people for not what they do but what they can achieve.

Our team is expanding to meet the needs of our global operations, and we have multiple roles at various levels from Senior TA, Talent Operations and Talent Researchers. With opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangalore, Chicago, and the EU.

We operate a true hybrid work model, presenting you the flexibility to work it your way but the benefit of a great workspace co-located in regions so we can come together to support and celebrate each other.

Your opportunity to make a difference:

Through our diverse and always-on hiring strategy, the Talent Acquisition team continues to support and encourage the best and brightest minds worldwide to join us.

Hiring for potential, we remain committed to setting people for success with a focus on hiring for critical behaviours:

Those who are deeply passionate about what they do People who can demonstrate intelligence, grit & resilience Individuals who are inherently curious and never satisfied with the status quo

We combine these behaviours with testing for specialist skills we predominantly hire, such as industry (logistics/ supply chain) and technical skills (software development/engineering).

If you've got to this point and are thinking about your career differently or wondering if you could leverage your transferable skills in our business value-creating team, then reach out.

We'd love to hear about you and, more importantly, explore what you could achieve in a company like ours. So don't limit your career potential and test yourself by connecting with us; you never know where it might take you.

Before you Apply

From time to time, WiseTech Global may use external service providers to assist us with assessing applications, including background checks, on our behalf. Accordingly, by applying for this role and providing your personal information to WiseTech Global, you consent to WiseTech Global providing this information to our external service providers who are required to treat such information with strict confidentiality in line with privacy and data protection laws and regulations



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