About the role

This is an opportunity for someone who thrives in an environment where accountability and ownership are recognised and rewarded. Today we are busy, but the future is opportunity bound; if you're up for the challenge, you've found it. Our Talent Acquisition team is a self-driven, highly responsible team that delivers. We've spent years developing our internal process to ensure we constantly provide high-quality talent to our global business, and we never stop improving.

Being the wearer of many hats, you will be part administrator, relationship manager, recruiter/HR. You will need to be comfortable getting stuck in and thrown into the deep end from time to time (don't worry, we've got you). But no micromanagement here; we focus on the big picture and get things done. And that takes a particular type of person, the sort of person who takes things in their stride, nothing is beneath you, and you're not afraid to call things out and make improvements where needed.

We're not locked into years' experience or what degree you have or haven't got. We want to understand your potential and will hire you to challenge our diversity of thinking.

About WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global is now an ASX 50, AU$15 billion+ company that is serious about expansion and technical innovation. Our mission is to change the world by creating breakthrough products that empower those who own, enable, and operate the supply chains of the world. Find out more at WiseTech Global



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