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About WiseTech Global

At WiseTech Global we build leading technology solutions that help the logistics industry move goods globally. Our customers include the world’s largest logistics companies.

Our innovations and global technology enables, improves and empowers the world’s supply chains. Having listed on the ASX in 2016, WiseTech Global is now an ASX 50, AU$10 billion+ company that is serious about expansion and technical innovation. Our mission is to change the world by creating breakthrough products that empower those that own, enable, and operate the supply chains of the world.

We are known for our vibrant, dynamic workplace where personal and professional fulfilment and company success go hand in hand. Working at WiseTech provides you with the ability to work in an industry leading culture with high levels of autonomy and ownership.

Product Specialist Job Responsibility

Location: Nanjing, China

  1. Industry Expertise: Develop an in-depth understanding of specific logistics areas, including international logistics, warehouse management systems, and air cargo. Apply this knowledge to guide product development.

  2. Business-Technology Link: Act as a liaison between business needs and technological solutions, ensuring that software development aligns closely with customer requirements.

  3. Software Development Guidance: Use industry knowledge to direct the development of flagship products like CargoWiseOne, focusing on innovative and efficient solutions.

  4. Customer Engagement and Problem Solving: Work closely with customers to understand their challenges, identify root causes, and collaborate with engineering teams to provide effective solutions.

  5. Global Trade Transformation: Participate in transforming global trade through technology and innovation, focusing on automating and integrating systems to replace outdated software.

  6. Market Analysis: Conduct market research to stay informed about current trends, customer needs, and competitive strategies.

  7. Product Training and Support: Provide product training and support to sales teams and customers, ensuring effective usage and understanding of Wisetech Global's software solutions.

  8. Continuous Improvement: Continuously seek ways to improve product features and performance based on market feedback and technological advancements.

  9. Team Collaboration: Work in cross-functional teams to drive product innovation and excellence, sharing knowledge and insights.

  10. Reporting and Documentation: Maintain accurate records and reports on product performance, customer feedback, and development progress.

What we can offer

Innovative Work Environment: Employees are encouraged to bring their individuality, creativity, and passion to the team. Our company's culture is driven by talent, motivation, and enthusiasm, fostering an environment where bold ideas and products are encouraged.

Growth Opportunities: There are opportunities for employees to pursue intellectual interests and acquire new skills through educational assistance, mentorship, and global development programs. This includes access to learning platforms, WiseTech Academy, external training, mentoring, and coaching.

Flexible Work Options: WiseTech Global provides flexible work practices, including the ability to work remotely.

Health and Wellbeing Support: Our company believes in supporting both mental and physical health. This includes offering employee assistance programs, flu vaccinations, access to wellness apps, and etc.

Diverse and Inclusive Culture: WiseTech Global is proud of its diverse and inclusive workforce, with employees from over 60 nationalities and a significant percentage of female employees, including in leadership positions.

Commitment to Innovation and R&D: As an engineer-founded company, WiseTech Global places a strong emphasis on research and development. Employees work on projects that have a real-world impact, contributing to solutions used by customers globally.

Additional Benefits: Other benefits include company paid parental leave, salary packaging, staff discounts, service awards, and an employee share plan.

Your knowledge and Understanding

International Logistics Experience: In-depth knowledge in global supply chain and logistics, including understanding customs, transportation, and international business practices.

Technical Knowledge: Proficiency in logistics-related software and technologies for effective supply chain management.

Communication and Collaboration: Strong skills in clear and effective communication, and the ability to work well in team settings.

Self-Learning and Development: A proactive approach to learning new skills and staying updated with industry trends.

Software Product Background: Experience in software development or management, particularly in logistics-related applications.

Stakeholder Management: Skills in managing relationships with various parties in the logistics process, including conflict resolution and negotiation.

Agile Methodology Experience: Familiarity with agile approaches in project management, beneficial for adapting to changes and improving efficiency.

Our Interview process

Job application => Submit your CV

HR screen & Interview

Technical Interview => Two Rounds with Sydney team

Interview with China GM

Offer & Onboard

Before you Apply

From time to time, WiseTech Global may use external service providers to assist us with assessing applications, including background checks, on our behalf. Accordingly, by applying for this role and providing your personal information to WiseTech Global, you consent to WiseTech Global providing this information to our external service providers who are required to treat such information with strict confidentiality in line with privacy and data protection laws and regulations.

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