Talent attraction and retention

At WiseTech, we prioritize hiring for potential and fostering growth opportunities that allow our people to gain diverse experiences beyond their expertise. This approach cultivates well-rounded individuals, leading to increased retention and engagement. Our dedicated talent team adopts a proactive recruitment strategy, seeking those who align with our culture and values.

To attract and retain the best talent, we employ various tools, such as behavioral and technical testing, alongside initiatives like the Employee Referral Scheme and partnerships with universities. Our remuneration framework emphasizes equity incentives and sustains talented leaders in a value-driven mindset. Flexible working options, including part-time, compressed hours, and job sharing, enable our global workforce to manage personal and work responsibilities effectively.

Our hybrid working model blends remote work with collaborative in-person settings, promoting a safe and practical environment. We support remote work with a Ways of Working allowance, assisting employees worldwide in setting up efficient home workspaces.


Rotation program

Our 26-week global rotation program offers our newly hired software engineers and product managers the ability to enhance their learning journey through guided mentorship, regardless of years of experience or prior knowledge.

We tailor each rotation to the individual’s experience and capability by providing immersive learning designed to empower people to be accountable for their success. Our rotations simultaneously provide individuals with everything they need to understand how we work, our product, and the industry we serve. Importantly, rotations help them build their critical peer networks to support their long-term success.
Those participating in rotations develop skills and experience across a wide range of product focus areas, from international logistics to cross-border compliance and accounting.

The program integrates training, coaching, and mentoring with regular feedback presenting individuals the opportunity to shape their careers by choosing the team that is the best fit for them while also considering key business objectives.

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Learning and development

Our learning culture at WiseTech is strong – we are focused on learning, collaboration, and continuous development. We believe everyone has an obligation to themselves, their team, and the company to grow and improve.

WiseTech’s learning approach is based around three principles:

Lifelong learning

Our people have a passion for learning and know it’s continuous.

Self-driven learning

We offer the opportunity and tools to our people – learning is contagious.

Lead and learn with content

On the job and in the team, as well as online and structured.


We provide our people with the tools and support that will challenge them to think differently, achieve personal growth and deliver fantastic results.

Our learning program concentrates on four key areas:

  1. learning about how to use WiseTech systems
  2. technical learning
  3. soft skill development and
  4. leadership skills

We utilize on the job learning as well as structured learning – primarily delivered virtually – across each area. Teams pursue their own function-specific training where required and are supported by a centralized Organizational Capability team which orchestrates cross-functional training initiatives.

Key learning and development tools available to team members

Mentoring and coaching
The majority of our learning takes place on the job through our mentors who assist new colleagues who are onboarded into our rotation program. Our Mentor Development program provides knowledge and skills for mentors to confidently set up new colleagues in becoming independent working professionals.

Further education assistance scheme
Financial assistance considered for all employees undertaking relevant short courses or postgraduate qualifications. Employees can take related study leave of up to two days per year.

Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT)
The BBIT course teaches people tools to help clarify thinking and helps people to think creatively. This can be applied to exploration and solving of problems, uncovering the root cause of a situation, and improving communications.

LinkedIn Learning
Provides team members with access to 10,000+ expert-led courses and bite-sized video tutorials, helping our people to upskill in areas that interest them.

Tailored for technology professionals, making it the ideal destination for our Product, IS and Engineering teams. Highly engaging, project-based learning experiences allow team members to master the skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Offers longer, structured and more in-depth courses that delve into various business and technical disciplines. Collaborating with esteemed universities and organizations, Coursera provides comprehensive learning experiences that span across weeks or months, allowing team members to acquire recognized certification on completion.

Leadership training
Leadership at WiseTech Global is different. We lead others, manage ourselves, and look to our People Leaders for inspiration, support, and encouragement. LeaF is our in-house leadership development program designed to equip and empower WiseTech’s new and future leaders with essential leadership skills, from fostering a culture of coaching and feedback, development of soft skills, emotional intelligence, inclusion and building strong foundational leadership skills across the globe.

Diversity and inclusion

We are proud to be a workplace of incredibly smart people with diverse and eclectic experience, an abundance of talents and motivation fueled by purpose. We value a strong and diverse workforce and are committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I). We also believe it is essential to further develop the potential for women to enter the technology and logistics industries.

Our global D&I Principles are designed to foster a culture that values and achieves diversity in our workforce and on our Board.They apply to anyone who we employ including employees, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, secondees, and directors.

Discrimination, harassment, vilification, and victimization will not be tolerated. Any substantiated breach will be dealt with seriously and may result in disciplinary action.

Our Respect & Dignity at Work policy outlines our commitment to equal employment, discrimination, workplace harassment and sexual harassment, bullying, vilification, and victimization.

Our People & Remuneration Committee Charter outlines its responsibility in supporting Board oversight of achieving gender diversity in the composition of our Senior Management Team and broader workforce. Effective delivery is supported by our Senior Management Team which has three executive sponsors accountable for driving our D&I plans.

Our D&I Working Group supports the effective implementation of the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. The group comprises four members of WiseTech’s Senior Leadership Team across a range of functions including People, plus members of the Sustainability & ESG and Communications teams. The group meets regularly and provides a forum for updates on delivery, and executive steer on effective implementation of initiatives.

Day to day delivery of the organization’s D&I work sits with a Diversity & Inclusion Manager, within the Sustainability & ESG team. The D&I Manager works closely with relevant business functions to plan, manage and report progress.

We measure and manage performance through targets, initiatives, policies, and engagement. See our latest Annual Report for details on our D&I performance.

WiseTech Global aims to promote balance between work and family life as well as ensuring we are supporting the health and wellbeing of our people and their families on the arrival of a new family member.

In accordance with Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, WiseTech reports data related to gender and its Australian workforce annually to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). You can view our 2024 Gender Pay Gap Report here.

Health, safety and wellbeing

At WiseTech, safety is everybody’s responsibility. We take safety in the workplace seriously and work to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing for all our people.

Our approach to health, safety, and wellbeing is guided by a range of policies, principles, training, guides and other content.

This approach is governed by our global Workplace Health and Safety policy. It is designed to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy workplace for our people and visitors and applies to everyone who works at our sites and offices or engages in WiseTech Global business activities. This policy confirms WiseTech’s commitment to accident prevention, injury protection, and promotion of health and safety, in compliance with work health and safety legislation. This policy is translated into local language for non-English speaking employees.

WiseTech’s Health and Safety toolkit provides tools aimed to support our Office Management Teams in making sure our office workspaces are safe, healthy and free from any hazards. Our Workplace Hazards and Incidents reporting process and Workplace Health and Safety Compliance training help embed our policies and manage this important area.

Regular reporting on incidents, hazards, and initiatives is provided to the WiseTech leadership team and the People and Remuneration Committee on our health and safety performance.

As we operate a hybrid working model, we recognize the importance of a safe work environment in both our offices and remote locations.

Our hybrid model is built on established patterns of remote working plus regular time with team members in shared workspaces where it is safe and effective. The combination of in-person collaboration and focused time working remotely enables us to remain agile, prioritize health and safety, and enhance virtual connectivity and productivity across our global team.

Our Working at WiseTech Principles to guide our teams on effective hybrid working which is safe and productive, and the Remote Workstation Wellbeing Guide supports our people to regularly assess their remote work environment and identify any potential hazards or risks to their safety and wellbeing.

Our Working at WiseTech Principles

We aim to strengthen our wellbeing and balance by following four global principles

Mental wellbeing

Proactively looking after our mental health

Physical wellbeing

Listening to and taking care of our bodies

Social wellbeing

Building and nurturing social connections and relationships

Environmental wellbeing

Making mindful choices for positive work environments

Ways of Working (WOW)

To support remote working, our Ways of Working (WOW) Allowance is a discretionary global benefit to assist team members with the set-up and maintenance of a safe, effective, and sustainable remote working environment. Team members may choose to use these funds at their own discretion – for example, contributing towards things like internet costs, bespoke equipment, or personal wellbeing services. It is paid out in 12 equal monthly instalments throughout the year.

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You can read about each of these topics in the sustainability section of our most recent Annual Report.

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