Evy Hung is a Project Delivery Specialist based in Taiwan, who joined WiseTech shortly after the Prolink acquisition in 2017.

We spoke to Evy about her transition into the tech industry, her proudest achievements since joining WiseTech, and what International Women’s Day means to her.

Can you share a bit about your career journey?

My first job after graduating from college was at an intellectual property law firm for a year, and then at another firm in the same industry for the next six years. In 2017, I entered a totally different industry when I joined WiseTech Global as a Project Delivery Specialist.  

I was drawn to WiseTech because it’s a global corporation, and I liked the idea of being able to work with colleagues from different countries and from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I really enjoy working with a diverse mix of people, and there’s a real energy and vibe in the office.

What has your experience as a woman working for a tech company been like?

I haven’t really experienced any differences in terms of gender working here at WiseTech, it is however my first time working for a tech company so I have to say it is totally different than working in a traditional industry.

WiseTech has a PAVE (productivity) system to review everyone’s performance fairly and transparently, which is something I haven’t experienced at other companies.  

The other thing that intrigues me about WiseTech is that we have multiple females in high-level management positions, and that is rare compared to my previous working environments.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in tech?

The tech industry is growing so fast and is constantly evolving, so you can definitely learn and grow a lot professionally in this industry too. I’d encourage people to give it a try and experience all of the wonderful aspects this industry has to offer.  

What’s an achievement, either at work or outside of work, that you’re proud of?

I joined WiseTech shortly after the company acquired Prolink, so when I started there was a lot of integration work that needed to be done. We had to learn the WiseTech way of doing things and collaborate with headquarters in Sydney.

In the beginning if we had a question, it was difficult for us to find the right person to speak to and find answers. Being able to communicate efficiently in the workplace to ensure that we understood each team member and their goals was really important, and it really improved our work relationships, productivity, and mutual understanding with headquarters.

So I’d say my proudest achievement was demonstrating my strong communication skills during this transition. I can now redirect our people to specific departments with their questions to find solutions quickly, which I’m really proud of.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you and why is it an important day?

International Women’s Day is a meaningful day to women, and it’s a reminder to value how much women contribute to the world.

People used to have stereotypes about women being responsible for raising a family, which resulted in people forgetting the real impact women can have in the world. Regardless of whether a woman is a working professional or a full-time homemaker, all their effort for family and work should always be appreciated, recognized, and applauded.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘break the bias’, what does that mean to you?

Bias exists everywhere in our everyday lives, and it makes it difficult for women to survive in this world. In the past, we used to ignore those biases,  and often society would turn a blind eye on the biases we see in life to avoid conflicts. In a way, by ignoring these biases, we encouraged them.

The theme ‘break the bias’ reminds us to open that blind eye and acknowledge the bias so we can stop it from happening. Once we become more aware of gender bias, discrimination and stereotypes, we can start taking action towards a world free of bias and where our differences are celebrated.