Milton Keynes, UK, April 15, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), has announced the successful adoption of ediEnterprise delivered through the WiseCloud application by Swedish logistics specialists Buyers Logistics Scandinavia AB.  

According to IT Manager Martin Selfors, the decision to transfer the company’s key data into WiseCloud was challenging, however, the extensive cost and time savings associated with running ediEnterprise in the cloud outweighed any concerns. 

“The decision to choose hosted software was not easy; time is crucial in our industry, and if our system was to go down we might lose a potential business opportunity,” said Selfors. “Relying entirely on service and uptime from a third-party provider was considered a big risk; but after our evaluation, we found out that the benefits of WiseCloud far exceeded the drawbacks.”

WiseCloud also facilitated Buyers Logistics’ capability to operate offices across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, all of which are now able to work together off a single database delivered through WiseCloud for ediEnterprise.  

“The final decision was made when I went to Milton Keynes to have a look at the CargoWise data center. I was very impressed by the high level of security together with a confirmed uptime,” said Selfors. “By choosing WiseCloud, we could focus entirely on the system itself, rather than server installation and configuration. After all, we are in the forwarding business and not the IT business – let people do what they do best.”

Describing the benefits of ediEnterprise as “vast”, Selfors points to the capacity to operate from a single, hosted database, and the productivity enhancement associated with enabling staff in two different offices to access the data associated with a single shipment in a single file. 

“ediEnterprise has helped us in achieving a much higher level of service for our clients,” said Selfors. “We can now offer the same capabilities as one of the bigger companies, but without letting go of the personal contact that many of our clients appreciate.” 

According to Steve Corbet, CargoWise Vice President of Business Development – Europe, Middle East and Africa, the implementation of CargoWise technology has aided the group to increase efficiency and streamline processes throughout geographically dispersed locations.

“Buyers Logistics quickly saw the benefits of using a single, hosted system and hit the ground running,” said Corbet. “They were very keen to advance efficiency across the group and they have been able to make a huge impact in a short period of time. Importantly, they have been able to pass on these time and cost saving benefits to their customers, adding to the already high standard of customer service they are renowned for.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,