Leading logistics softwaredeveloper partners with top universities and training institutions to offerstudents industry-ready training in supply chain technology.

A world-first technologytraining program developed by WiseTech Global is set to give vocational andcollege-level students a head start as they prepare to enter the logisticsindustry. The WiseEducation Partner program provides students with real-worldoperational skills in CargoWise One – one of the world’s most advancedlogistics management systems. With clients holding more than 100,000 licensesacross 5,000 sites in 105 countries, WiseTech Global has set the standard forlogistics industry software with this unique, cloud-based technology. Developedin response to requests from educational institutions worldwide, theWiseEducation program is the company’s latest initiative in its long-standingsupport of technology education for a more productive, integrated, andcompliant logistics industry. 

The WiseEducation programgrants partnered institutions the opportunity to incorporate the CargoWise Onesystem as an integral part of their courses in the form of free softwarelicenses, free certification training for teaching staff, and free access tothe same comprehensive training materials developed for global logisticsproviders. According to Vlad Bilanovsky, WiseTech Global’s VP of partnermanagement, “With open access to the complete product and e-learning content,teachers can use the software to emulate the ‘live’ supply chain in theclassroom.” It creates a virtual logistics environment wherein several specificsupply chain processes simulate every operation from origin to destination:bookings, local pickup, packing, origin export documents processing, customsclearance, unpacking, final delivery, invoicing, and costing. Throughout theprogram, students gain practical working knowledge of the industry’sdocumentation, reporting, and compliance requirements.

Among the first institutionsto become a WiseEducation Partner is the University of Sydney’s renowned Instituteof Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), part of Australia's Key Centre ofExcellence in Transport Research and Education. Through the program, ITLSMaster of Logistics Management students will be able to strengthen theirstudies with hands-on operational training in an enterprise-class system usedby leading logistics providers the world over. “We are very practice oriented,and we strive to deliver the knowledge and skills our students require fortheir leadership careers in the logistics sector,” says Dr. JyotiBhattacharjya, course coordinator and lecturer in logistics and supply chainmanagement at ITLS. “[We are] very excited by the WiseEducation partnership asit integrates industry practice with advanced software tools that provide tangiblebenefits to our students.”

As Bilanovsky says, “WiseTechGlobal is not only committed to increasing the productivity of the logisticsindustry through our products, but through using our position to help educateand strengthen those within it.” The WiseEducation Partner program provides aunique opportunity for graduates to get started and for those already workingin the industry to make their mark. It offers experience with industry-leadingsoftware and teaches valuable technology skills that are becoming prerequisitesin the competitive logistics employment market, thus preparing the nextgeneration of logistics managers. The WiseEducation Partnership has proveninvaluable to logistics training organizations. Plans to expand the programglobally are already underway.

Media Contact: Lisa Tree, lisa.tree@wisetechglobal.com