Role Opportunity:

We are looking for an experienced candidate for one of our acquisitions, who can manage our AWS infrastructure for our in-house product development teams and champion further changes to improve our CI/CD pipeline. The role will require working closely with the product development and production support teams to ensure our AWS infrastructure supports the growing needs of the business.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Managing AWS infrastructure for Developers and QA Testers

  • Deploying in-house developed applications into AWS environments

  • Manage CI framework for Developers, QA Testers and Business Analysts

  • Working with our AWS cloud production support team to upgrade infrastructure components

  • Manage the implementation of our monitoring framework for our AWS production, development and test environments

  • Championing improvements to infrastructure and Dev_Ops automation: Infrastructure as Code, Scripted server configuration, Containerisation

  • Manage internal applications (patching and upgrades) for agile tools used by the product development team

Skills and Experience (E)ssential, (D)esirable:

  • AWS (E). We use a range of AWS technologies and expect candidates to have a broad knowledge of the following : EC2 (instances, Load Balancers), ECS (including using EC2 nodes), VPC (Client VPN, S3 endpoints, NATs), S3, RDS (Oracle and SQL Server), SQS, CloudWatch, EFS, Certificate Manager, KMS, GuardDuty, WAF
  • Operating Systems : Windows 2012+, including IIS (E), Amazon Linux 2 (E), other Linux variants (D)
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins (E), GitLab(E)
  • Monitoring: Splunk (D)
  • Scripting: Linux shell (E), Powershell (D)
  • Code analysis: SonarQube (D)
  • Mail: Postfix (D), Dovecot (D)
  • Server configuration: Ansible (E)
  • Antivirus and UAM: Sophos (D), ClamAV (D), Ekran (D)

As our SaaS product portfolio expands , we are likely to require skills in the following areas : - Azure (D) - Infrastructure as Code : CloudFormation (D), Terraform (D), Container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes) (D)

Successful candidates will also need good soft skills such as :

  • Excellent communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to articulate technical issues clearly and concisely (E)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to listen effectively and the ability to present oneself in a calm, professional manner whilst under time and schedule pressure (E)
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills (E)
  • Fluent English (E), any other languages a bonus but not essential to role (D)
  • Team player. Comfortable working in a small company environment and “hands-on” in the sense of doing what needs to be done in a small organisation (E)


The role reports to Head of Technical Architecture & Security.

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