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Product Manager

If you work in supply chain, you’ll already be familiar with our powerful high growth engine – CargoWise One. If not, we’ll get you upskilled in no time. Our technology is used by the world’s logistics providers across 130 countries, with more than 54+ billions data transactions annually, across 12,000 logistics organisations globally.

Why we’re hiring

Last year we added more than 500 enhancements to our platform. And it’s this high innovation product development fuelling our need to hire more of Australia’s smartest minds, to play an integral link between our technology and the industry.

The opportunity

In our Sydney Head Office, we’ve around 20 teams (plus sub-teams) tasked with solving deeply complex industry problems. Teams specialising in areas such as Accounting, Carriers, Customs, E-commerce, International Logistics and Landside Logistics to name a few. And while experience in these verticals would be valuable, we offer the right individuals the opportunity to rotate through our teams, gaining a valuable and holistic overview of our product and industry. Which in turn fosters and enables a profound learning and up-skilling opportunity.

Is this for you?

As mentioned before industry experience and/or a passion for technology wouldn’t go astray. However, we hire for potential and the soft skills that will drive your career success here; include: GRIT, Resilience, and Problem Solving. If you’ve got this far, it shows your curious and that’s a skill we value but we also value those who think differently – so show us how you can demonstrate this and we’re interested.

Together we will change the world of logistics, one innovation at a time.

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This position is based in Sydney.

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