Supporting education in tech

We recognize that as a technology company our business relies on technology and industry experts and, as such, we have always been a strong supporter and advocate of education and training in the broader community by supporting and investing in skills development, and through community outreach and volunteering.

WiseTech is a longstanding supporter of education and participate in a broad range of programs designed to encourage careers in technology, global supply chain logistics and the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. Encouraging and supporting the next generation of innovation leaders has always been important to us.

We believe good, profitable technology companies really owe it to themselves to improve the future. They can do that by stepping into the education system.

We're passionate about supporting education because early exposure to the exciting and creative world of digital technology for young people is critical. Through this, we hope to encourage and empower the next generation of young people to work in tech.

Earn & Learn Scholarship Program

In 2023 we launched our new Earn & Learn Scholarship Program, which combines working as an Associate Software Engineer at WiseTech with part-time university study.

Students study a specially designed blend of University of Technology Sydney coursework, WiseTech developed coursework, and on-the-job training, leading to the completion of a Bachelor of Computing Science degree in four years. The combination of academic theory with real-world application in a work setting provides students with a strong head-start in their careers in Australia’s tech industry.

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grok academy

Through our five-year partnership with Grok Academy, we have an opportunity to reach into schools and help students learn valuable skills and understand the strong professional and economic drivers of a career in technology. WiseTech contributes 1% of pre-tax profits to Grok Academy annually. Grok Academy’s mission is to educate all learners in transformative computing knowledge, skills and dispositions, empowering them to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future.

By taking a deep, grass roots approach we want to ensure all students, regardless of gender, economic circumstance or geography, have a positive technology experience at an early age, inspiring more students to embark on further technology studies and careers. 

Our partnership with Grok enables us to:

  • make the Grok Academy learning platform completely free for all learners and teachers in Australia and New Zealand, widening access to all classrooms across the country and overcoming budgetary hurdles for many schools; and
  • support the development of a next-generation technology platform and content to meet the varied and evolving needs of diverse learners and educators.

Our partnership also continues our long-term Platinum level sponsorship of the National Computer Science School (NCSS) Summer School, a summer residential program in both Sydney and Melbourne for senior high school students with a strong passion for computer science which is run by Grok Academy. Our sponsorship enables the program to run at low cost for students and their families and also involves WiseTech developers as industry mentors.


We established WiseTech Academy – an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2018 – as a wholly owned subsidiary of WiseTech Global, to offer accessible, affordable, online technology and global supply chain logistics learning.

The objective of WiseTech Academy is to help improve the skills and knowledge of professionals working in our industry and provide a stepping‑stone for individuals looking to launch their career in the world of technology and supply chain logistics.

The Academy catalogue includes a diploma-level course in customs broking and a diploma in freight forwarding. It offers accredited training in handling dangerous goods and in biosecurity, along with a range of free and very competitively priced courses for industry participants, customers, and the general public.

Visit the WiseTech Academy website to learn more.